Saturday, July 3, 2010

Time is flying!

Well, the baseball season ended last night. I'll post one final video with Joel pitching. He pitched half of the game last night and did a good job if I can say so as a rather pleased dad.

The summer has been very good for Joel; he now knows ten other boys from the community and we got to interact with several of the other parents as well as the coaches. He had a good coach and learned much; he had fun and was competitive - but was controlled.

The sale of the AIBCI building fell through; so now that our church has moved out the building is sitting empty; we are about finished clearing it. We have filled three 15 yard dumpsters with about anything and everything you can imagine. My children have helped clean the building out and have especially enjoyed exploring rooms that they did not even know were in there during our occupancy in the last 5 years.

Speaking of 5 years - next Sunday will be our 5th anniversary in Paxton. The summer is flying - baseball season is over; the years are flying - we've been here for 5 years. When we moved to Paxton, Joel was 5, Laura was 4, Grant was 22 months and couldn't talk, John was 4 days old when he arrived in Paxton, and we didn't even have the three youngest ones. The LORD has certainly been good to us.

The garden is progressing - tomatoes are coming on, beans have all bloomed well, the corn is a little over waist high, etc. It's amazing how a couple of weeks ago, the garden was about to drown and now it's almost to the point of having to water it.

Carol got her braces of last Thursday and had a retainer fitted. So, we'll wait a few months and then go on to the next step of her dental work. It seems like they just put the braces on - although she did have them for less than a year.

Well, that about concludes this miscellaneous post. I've caught you up-to-date for a little while.

P.S. Gardner sleeps well through most of the night - just getting up once for a bottle.