Thursday, January 14, 2010

The New Year

I can hardly believe that 09 is finished! Many of you probably received our Christmas letter and family photo. I changed our profile picture to the same picture that was in our Christmas letter.

Carol and I had a wonderful retreat at Camp Joy in November. Attached are a couple of pictures that where taken while we were there. The third picture is my approach to the ground after coming down the sky-glide.

We have had several snows that have added up to about 10 inches for the season. The kids have played in it some, but the last one was very cold and dry - the temperature was in single digits for quite a while - so no playing outside during that time.

I finished another class - Advanced Studies in the Acts of the Apostles. I'm slowly chipping away at them.

We had a Christmas Musicale on the 23rd of December that went very well. Attached is a video of Joel singing a solo and also one of all the children singing.

If you didn't receive our Christmas letter, Carol is expecting number 7 in June! She is well past the morning sickness stage and in the 2nd trimester. So this is the easiest time of the pregnancy for her, although she has been battling a cold this week.

The big news (other than another Deatrick on the way) is that the building in which our church has been meeting has been sold. So, we are actively looking for permanent property upon which to build and a temporary location at which to meet until we can get a building built. We need to be out of our current location by 2/28, so your prayers are appreciated. It is an exciting time for our church as we anticipate what the LORD will do for us in the near future.

The kids have started into the second half of the school year. We are pushing them a little bit as we really must have the school year finished by a couple of weeks before the baby is born.

No guarantees on the next post, but hopefully it won't be too long! :-)