Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter photos, dental trip

Here are some pictures from Easter Sunday.

Remember, active boys don't always wear suits very well for very long. John started with his shirt tucked in and a tie; Josiah also had a tie and jacket at some point.

Today (4/8/2010) was one of our regular trips to Alton, IL to the dental school. I had an exam first, then, while Carol was getting her cleaning done, I took the kids to this little park that we frequent. It is located about 50 feet from the Mississippi.

This picture was of all of them watching the tugboat and barge go by. The tug was called The City of Natchez.

Grant and John . . .

Laura had to be stopped for just a moment; she LOVES to run and move!

Joel is not yet too big to enjoy the park. By the way, the ground underneath of him is ground-up rubber (not pavement), so it's quite soft.

Kara is generally quite happy, even today, when she took a tumble on the sidewalk and scraped her knee, she didn't cry, just an "ouch" and "my leg!" John just happened to get caught running right behind her as I took the picture.

Josiah is growing up very quickly. He thinks that if a coat has a hood - it must be worn; if it has a zipper - it must be zipped!

While at the park today, a tugboat and barge went up the Mississippi. The kids all waved at him and he blew his whistle and waved back at the kids before I got the video going.

One final note, we ate lunch at Burger King - Joel at 3 junior whoppers!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Garden work

April 1st, the temperature is around 80 degrees. The ground is working very well, and I'm enjoying being out and working in the garden. Still not ready to plant anything (we could still get a frost), but needed to work the compost in a little more as well as some of the grass that was not garden last year.

John and Kara are much alike; both have the same smile, the same good nature, and both are left handed.