Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pheasant Hunting

Carol bagged her first wild game today - a pheasant. Unfortunately it was with the van on the way home from the dentist.

The pheasant made the ride the rest of the way home inside the grill. Much of the habitat for the pheasants around here has been harvested; so with bean fields and corn fields all cut, the game is out and about a little bit more than other times of the year.

Updates . . .

We found out this morning that Carol will have to get braces back on her top teeth. They were taken off too early and there still isn't enough room for the implant.

Josiah turned 4 on Saturday, the 30th. I thought this video was pretty good; I've not seen any of our children blow out candles like this before.

Update on the garage:

I had all of the materials delivered from Menards. Unfortunately, they sent me the trusses for another man whose last name was "Deatrich" - 18' trusses won't span 24' walls. So, more than two weeks later we are still waiting on the right trusses; they are supposed to be delivered today. We do have all the walls up and are ready for the arrival of the trusses.

One of the jobs I had in the kitchen at ABC was checking in the food delivery truck. This was about the same - checking to make sure that everything I paid for was actually delivered.

I could tell right away that there was not space for a 12' room in those trusses.

The kids have moved most of this gravel pile to the entrance to the garage.

However, we've had a few spills with the wheel barrow, so I have to push it sometimes.

Here is a little of the construction in progress:

There is still delicateness in our home, thanks to Carol.

The walls are up!

One of the men in the church is in construction; he had several of his guys come over and help me last weekend. That is a patch on my eye; I had to have part of an embedded nail removed from my eye (nail guns are nice, but they are also dangerous).

Ready for the trusses!

Regarding my eye:

I may have to have more work done on it. Since I thought it was just dust, I didn't go to the hospital for about 30 hours - so I have a rust ring around where the piece of the nail was was (I did get a tetanus shot and shouldn't have to worry about lock-jaw :-). The eye doctor is giving me a week and then may have to clean it out some more - I'd rather not, it is an uncomfortable procedure.