Thursday, November 3, 2011

Church Building Project Update

There has been too much happen in the last two months between home and church to put them both on the same post, so I'll update one and then the other. I'll start with the church building project.

The last post concluded with the finished nursery and the trusses on the new addition.

On the outside of the building, the metal roof has been placed, the exterior doors are on, and we are working on the siding.

On the inside, we have connected to the old building by taking out the block wall between the buildings. We had to level the concrete floor some in preparation for the interior walls and the flooring. The interior walls have been built and are in the process of having plumbing, electrical and hvac installed before we put in the insulation and then the sheetrock.

The video of the concrete chainsaw is several minutes long, so you may not want to watch the whole thing - later on, there are some shots of the kids watching the job taking place. (I have since told Laura that 30-45 seconds is about the limit of video that we can post on the blog).

This video is a little shorter; here "the wall came tumbling down." Notice the scrap insulation and 2X12 laid down to protect our new floor - the 2X12 split when the wall landed on it.

This grinder wears down the operator as much as the floor.

These pictures are either from the addition into the existing building or the other way around.

I thought I had more pictures of the interior of the building (they may be on another camera), but this one is all for now. Ken Massey built the interior walls while I was taking vacation time to work on my house.

Special thanks to Ken Massey, Donnie Wright and Dave Cook for help on all of these most recent advancements.