Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rejuvenated and Reunited

Carol and I traveled to NC last week while my mom and some of the folks in our church kept our kids.  We love our kids, but it is always nice to have some together time.  We spent 1 night at a Hotel in Edinburgh, IN on the way to NC.  Then we took a leisurely day to NC arriving after midnight.  We had a nice guest room at Ambassador Baptist College for 3 nights while attending all of the commencement week activities (we received the 2013 Alumni of the Year award).  We had a very enjoyable week together - our 14th anniversary is tomorrow, so the trip came at a very good time.  But, it was sure nice to get back together.  This was our reunion last night.

Gardner was the last one reunited with us - he and mommy sure missed each other and were glad to see each other again.

Laura turned 12 yesterday.  She was sick and stayed home from school, but we still celebrated her birthday.  She requested "chicken soup" since she didn't feel well.  Carol made a chicken soup with black beans, chili's, and tomatoes - very, very good!

Carol and Laura just returned from grocery shopping to restock after our trip to NC.

Our children are doing exceptionally well in school - all of them are "A" students.  It is hard to believe that they have less than 3 weeks remaining.  It will be interesting having them all home again all day long for the summer - although Joel and Grant are going in baseball again and will busy a couple of times a week with practice or games through the first week of July.

Kara will start school in the fall; she has already been evaluated there by the teachers and seems to be pretty well prepared (thanks to Carol's diligence) - she is "reading" Dick and Jane and other little books that have words where she can sound out the letters.

Gardner will become our solitary side-kick.  He can talk a mile a minute, so the house will not necessarily be quiet. 

Well, just a quick update - it is easy to skip the blog when doing more frequent posts on facebook.