Monday, May 31, 2010

Bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs; Cheese-making; Gardening; Memorial Day

Time for an update! This picture is of Joel at bat during his first baseball game. Believe it or not, the bases were loaded, with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning (but they were losing 13-1, so there wasn't as much drama as it may seem :-). Joel made good contact, but the opposing team got a force out on one of the runners. However, in the next game he got a good solid hit and eventually scored. I've been real pleased with the way that he plays ball. With 9-10 year old boys, there are more strike-outs and walks than hits. Oh the memories of years gone by.

This is what is left of a two pound block of cheese that we made (one of the families in the church have very productive cows from whom we get milk to make cheese). Two gallons of milk make two pounds of cheese. It is about like mozzarella. Every now and then I'll add liquid smoke to a batch as I make it. Mom always gets some smoked cheese for a Christmas gift and I love it, I thought I would try to do the same thing with the cheese that we make. All of us like cheese and so this is a fun project - and quick and pretty easy!

Our garden is all in, above is an emerged row of green beans.

I was surprised to see the little sprig of corn that popped out today. It wasn't out yesterday afternoon.

Above is one of the hills of cucumbers. I also have yellow squash and zucchini, but the squash has not emerged yet.

Along the fence is our row of tomatoes; to the right of the tomatoes are broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower plants. I've got a rope tied all around the garden about a foot high; with all of the little Deatricks running around, it is necessary to have some kind of a barrier.

Today was our annual Memorial Day parade. It is rather contradictory for me to be dressed as a Union soldier and have a four year old son dressed up as "Johnny Reb!" I guess the Civil War was known to have divided some families and for having some very young soldiers - I'm thankful we didn't have to experience what some of those families did 145 years ago.

You can barely see the cannon muzzle under Joel's left arm and poking over Laura's right shoulder, but it is fired every year as a part of the salute to the soldiers. The children all eagerly anticipate the firing of it - but with a little trepidation because of the sound.

This picture also includes the Foster's and another man from their Civil War group. Russel actually made all of the outfits that we are wearing; in fact, he made John's outfit just last week since it is the first year that he marched in the parade.

This is just before we left home.

F.Y.I. I will be posting pictures of our new church building in the near future. Closing date for the loan is Wednesday morning. After that, the next couple of weeks will be filled with moving and settling in - we will have services there this coming Sunday.

Carol is due with #7, Gardner Luke, about any time. Her official date is June 11th, but she is certainly ready to be delivered. You can be sure there will be pictures of him on here as soon as I can get them. The hospital has WI-FI, so they'll be current pictures!

Until next time (whenever that me be) . . .


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