Monday, August 30, 2010

Catching up . . .

Well, I've got quite a bit to catch up on from the last 6 weeks. I won't do it all at once, so I'll post a few different things in the next day or two.

We've just returned from a trip to Missouri, but a few things preceded that trip.

Our local IGA grocery store had their annual kids fest. Much was the same as last year, but they did have "cold blooded animals" this year. It's not every parent that takes pictures of there kids playing with alligators (or crocodiles - I'm not sure which this one was).

John and Grant are waiting in line for the obstacle course.

I thought this was a good picture of John and Grant. As you can tell, "boys will be boys."

I'll close this one with something quite pleasant. I've often mentioned how much I enjoy Carol's playing in the evening. I recorded her a couple of weeks ago (without her knowing) - remember it is practice, but her practice far exceeds my playing!

One more thing, little Gardner brings all of us joy, but especially Carol.

More to follow in a day or two.

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