Thursday, September 9, 2010

In Missouri

We spent several days with my folks in Missouri.

The kids spent a lot of time playing. We rode "Uncle Stephen's" four-wheeler (responsibly), we shot clay targets with shotguns, we went fishing with Grandpa Deatrick (the same lake which I frequented as a teenager), and Dad and I poured concrete between the house and storage shed.

1. On the four wheeler. That big red thing on the back of the four wheeler is a salt spreader that Stephen uses in the winter for snow removal. Joel followed us at a run with the video camera as we were riding - hope you don't get sea sick watching :-). I have to admit, I love the terrain/geography of Missouri - notice the hills and the trees . . . I'm wearing bibs - I wore them often when working on the farm as a teenager.

2. These two videos show Joel shooting; the first is with his little youth 4/10 and the second is with my 12 guage . . . obviously the recoil (kick) is harder on the second.

Stephen's son Sidney did the honors of "pulling" when Joel was ready to shoot. I think I got more of a "kick" out of this than Joel did! :-)

3. We went fishing twice and enjoyed a fish fry on the second evening. I had to get an out of state pass, but the boys didn't since they were under 16. Dad and I used to fish at "Hobson's Lake" when I was a teenager. I hadn't been there in probably 12 years, but little has changed. Memories abound here: a hook in Dad's hand, shooting watersnakes, frog gigging, all night catfishing in aluminum boats in thunderstorms, bass lures, campfires, deer and turkey hunting, mushroom hunting, mosquitoes and chiggers . . . etc.

These two fishing days were a very special time of remembrance; Dad and I had more of an affinity for fishing than the others, so it was something that he and I often did alone - even though there were six of us children, when fishing, it was often just me and dad. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of him fishing this time . . .?

Dad also took me out to see "the old forty." I didn't know until this trip, but both my Grandpa and Grandma Deatrick had lived on the same farm (at different times) as children; I had never seen the place before. Now it is just a hillside cornfield, but it's amazing how your mind can imagine what it looked like 65 years ago.

4. Is it considered a vacation activity to pour concrete? I wouldn't have wanted to do it for 3 days, but I didn't mind doing it for an hour or two.

I don't have any pictures, but we also spent a day with my Grandma. Carol and Mom took a trip out to Rutledge, Missouri to a Mennonite bulk goods store called Zimmerman's.

Though we didn't get lot's of rest, we did enjoy the time. One benefit of travels for our family is that Carol and I get lot's of time to talk as I drive . . . blessedness.

I have one more episode yet to post from our vacation - the day at the St. Louis Zoo. I'll get it up soon.

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