Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life is fun

First, another one of the Deatrick's got glasses. We thought Grant may have been struggling a little bit with his eyesight; not as badly as Laura was (one near and one far sighted eye), but still worth a check-up. Sure enough, he did need a pair with a minimal amount of correction. He and I both got new glasses on the same day. I had not had a new pair in 10 years - I could still see through them and they weren't broken and I am selective of where I spend money - but I did need new ones.

Kara just happened to be sitting here when we decided to take the picture. Yes, getting new glasses is fun when you know that they are needed (and when you know that you have gotten your money out of the previous pair and WILL get your money out of the next pair).

Next, we took another trip over to Missouri; this time for tax preparation. Tax season is not really that bad for us at this stage in our lives (with 7 dependents), so our trip to stay with Dad and Mom is usually more like a day or two of vacation. Mom kept our kids one day and Carol and I went to lunch in town and then went to visit with my Grandma Deatrick for a while (with coffee and cake). The next evening, Carol and I went out with my brother, Stephen, and his wife, Jennifer. A young lady from the church in Wayland, MO kept our combined clan of 11 Deatricks under the age of 11, I think she had fun and I know the kids did! The evening with Stephen and Jennifer was a little reminiscent of past times with a meal and a meander through the mall. We also stopped at a "Ben Franklin" general store that was going out of business; Starbucks on the way home to top of the date. Sorry, no photo, but the time with Stephen and Jennifer - and especially Carol, was fun!

Then, once we got home from Missouri, I had to hit the ground running in order get our new addition ready for our big workday (today) when we would start hanging drywall for the restrooms in the church. We are getting closer and closer all of the time. Even insulation and drywall is fun in a way. Sorry, no photo.

Joel, our oldest turned 12 on the ninth of February. He had seen his Uncle Stephen solve a rubik's cube in less than 3 minutes. Carol and I could tell Joel thought this was fun and so when at the "Ben Franklin" store with Stephen and Jennifer, we found one and bought it for him. He has an instructional video and directions and I'm sure is finding great fun in learning all the tricks. But, is it really a challenge or a game if you have learned all the tricks? Isn't a game fun because of the challenge? Maybe the challenge is shaving off seconds or in beating your old time . . . By the way, I'm having fun watching our children get older . . .

Finally, for any of you who enjoy hearing of God's provision - a lady in our community gave our church a Yamaha G2 (grand) piano. It is beautiful! When I was getting to know the piano at church this evening, Carol told me, "it seems quite loud." I responded by telling her that I was playing loud on purpose. For those of you who play the piano, you understand the sheer pleasure of hearing and feeling the lower registers reverberate with deep octaves! This is GREAT FUN!

The piano will be a great blessing to our congregation, a great joy to our pianists, and I believe a wonderful supportive addition to our corporate edification and worship! I'll close with a video of Carol playing our new piano. She also had fun!

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