Saturday, February 9, 2013

The parent of a teenager . . . ?

Joel turned 13 today.  I remember so much about that day (and the night before). 

It has been a busy day, but as I've sat down for a few minutes this evening I have just now started think about all that it means to have a teenaged son - hmm.

Today was also a work day at church.  We moved the new baptistery into the building; we had to take out a big window to move it in and ended up breaking the window (we half expected to break it).  Hopefully, we'll have a baptismal service in just a few weeks.  Joel would be one of those baptized and Carol and I reminded him that it was not just a coincidence that the baptistery was brought into the building on the day he turned 13.

Here are a few photos and a video.

We thank the Lord for the growth in Joel's life and the progress at the church!

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