Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Update

Things are going well with little Gardner at home.  He eats and sleeps well and is generally just very pleasant.  We did find out yesterday at his check-up that his left collar bone was broken, possibly during delivery (it happens sometimes).  It has begun the healing process and he should have no lasting consequences.  Please do pray for him to have as little pain as possible.

Carol let Laura take some pictures the day that she and Gardner came home from the hospital, so the pictures below are from last Thursday.

Mom worked on fixing some screens.

Gardner with his wonderful Mommy.

Laura worked at organizing Gardner's little room.

Grant and John = playmates - here they are getting along; the picture is posed . . . :-)  Notice which hand John uses to throw?

Kara and Josiah manage to get very dirty.  They certainly enjoy life.

I've found that Joel is indispensable.  He helped me re-install the rear seat in the van (since there are 9 of us now).  I thought this picture had a Norman Rockwell feel to it (this was not posed, it was captured).  Good job Laura!

The hospital gave us the poster.  Believe it or not, with it on the back door, this is how several people in town got the news that we had another baby.

Here are a couple pictures with me and our little guy.  Pictures sure make you remember God's goodness.  I know that this is number 7 for us, but I'm still thrilled to get to hold him.

That's all the pictures for now.

Right now, Carol is playing the piano for the first time since she has been home from the hospital.  The kids always go to sleep well when she plays . . . I always enjoy her playing; it is such a manifestation of her heart.  Wish you could hear her; sometime, I'll just record her playing for a little while and post it.

I'm so blessed.

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