Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Baseball

Tonight was one of the last regular games for Joel. He has two more games this weekend that are make-up games for rain cancellations.

Joel batted four times this evening. He got 3 hits and got hit once. Below are brief videos. The first one was one of his hits. I started cheering and lost control of the video. The second one is when he got hit with pitch - I new it would happen sometime, but he shook it off well.

Joel also got to pitch the last inning of the game. He has been hoping for the last several games that he would get a chance to pitch. We've been thankful for his coach; he has made his first year enjoyable and beneficial.

Some pictures.

I love this picture of Gardner; he was lying on my lap and very alert, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Gardner and Daddy - more of Laura's photo work.
John found a razor; true to when we used to call him "Jolly John," he isn't too ashamed of it. It happened on Saturday evening, John was having his turn in the shower and found a razor in the bathroom. How he did this without cutting himself I'll never know. Carol told me that John told her he was trying to get the hair out of the razor with his teeth. . . Can you believe this?
Laura and Gardner.

I finally got back into the garden the other night and was able to run the tiller between the rows of green beans and corn. Several of my squash and cucumber plants didn't survive all of the rain that we had a couple of weeks ago. My zucchini is doing very well; the cucumbers will be alright, but I don't think we'll have enough to make as many pickles as we did last year.

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