Friday, July 31, 2009

The End of July . . .

Kara and daddy; obviously she can't read, but she'll sit for a while and pretend like she is, jibber-jabber and all. It's rather funny, and since she is such a busy little climber, it keeps her occupied for a while.
I think these made about 20 cucumbers so far, and there seem to be many more on the vines. My family can eat them quickly (three at a meal the other day), but that could get a little old pretty quickly. I need to call and get my Grandma's sweet pickle recipe. That's our first head of cabbage, we have 4 more - I'm beginning to wish we had planted more.

We made a trip to Urbana, IL yesterday (no pictures). Our friends, Paul and Sarah Crow and children were coming through on their way to MN. They came to our services on Wednesday evening and then we had a cook-out together on Thursday. We talked and ate, as did the children, with playing included for them. I can vouch for Bro. Paul's grilling abilities, especially the yellow squash . . . come to think of it, our friendship began in the kitchen at ABC about 13+ years ago. The LORD is good.

Today was our trip to a new orthodontist for Carol. This new dentist is only 45 minutes away, costs MUCH less, and Carol really likes the atmosphere. We rejoice in HIM.

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