Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday's activities

We had a good day at church; the highlight of our week. I was pleased that the four older children sat so well on the front row while Carol was in the nursery during the morning service. They are doing better and better all of the time. It is still a little bit of a struggle for John (4) and Grant (5), but with time they are doing better.

We had an enjoyable evening together. For those of you who don't know, we have lunch and then an afternoon service at church, so we are always home by about 3:15 on Sunday afternoons. After supper, I finished reading the epilogue of "The Great Bridge." It was an excellent story; just curious, has anyone every heard the name of Washington Roebling before now? He was the engineer who built the bridge. His name is little known in history, but what he built has endured - and according to the public works department in N.Y., with proper maintenance the bridge could endure for another 100 years, or in their word, "forever." May that be the case with my life and family. The story was also an excellent character study of many people - including some New York and Brooklyn politicians.

We started 1776. I read about the first 10 pages to the kids this evening; it seems as promising as the other McCullough books. I'm also reading John Phillips Exploring John to them - his writing style is not too difficult for the kids to comprehend.


  1. Keep recommending the books. My husband is getting inspired to start something like this with our family. I never heard of Washington Roebling before, but my father, who is a walking history book, knew who he was and some of what he engineered. I wish my brain could hold information like that, but it just doesn't. Have you all ever read from the lamplighter books? We heard they were good, but haven't bought any. Any opinions?

  2. Carol has heard of Lamplighter. I looked briefly on the internet - are they fiction?

  3. I don't know. We aren't too keen on fiction books. We like to stick with reality.