Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yard and garden work

Today's pick. The kids will snap these while I read David McCulloughs book "The Great Bridge" to them. It is the epic story of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. We have about 7 pages left before the epilogue! It has been an excellent book, I recommend it - as well as any other book by McCullough.
First fruit!
Carol and Grant. She has a little "cut flower" garden over in the corner.
18 regular tomato plants, 4 cherry tomato plants, 6 pepper plants, 5 cabbage plants, 5 rows of green beans, and 9 cucumber hills.
Many of you remember when Joel was born! Now he is 9 and helps to mow the yard!

The swing set has certainly seen better days, but it has served the purpose.

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  1. wonderful to see that you keep your children busy and are developing their minds in learning and their muscles in hard work. Great job, Joel, that's a big job for such a young boy. Those beans look so delish. We can't wait to start a garden of our own next year.