Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Illustrations, Turtles, and The Holy War

We had a good evening together at church; the children are usually eager to tell me which illustration they liked best. Illustrations are a part of the preaching process at which I have to labor, but being able to help young minds grasp truth is not only immediately rewarding to me, but I'm sure will produce eternal fruit in their lives. So, I'll keep working at illustrating truth. . .

Caleb Stilley, one of the friends of our children, brought a turtle to church and, of course, they all wanted to go see him/her after the service. Living in town, our kids are pretty limited in which animals they get to see - stray cats, stray dogs, rabbits, birds, ubiquitous squirrels, and bugs; so a turtle is a big deal. Little creatures are such an impressive display of God's wisdom; the intricacies of God's biological creations are astounding to me . . . but children just enjoy them.

For my birthday, someone gave me a new copy of The Holy War by the indomitable Baptist author and Pastor, John Bunyon. I read the first chapter to the children tonight after church; it was an immediate favorite with them (except John, he dozed off :-). Bunyon's use of allegory makes some difficult theological concepts easily understood - and even exciting. I'm sure it will be an excellent tool, not only to put things in their minds, but as talking points in our home.

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